Our Company’s Philosophy

We believe in championing the diverse perspectives, experiences, and voices of our employees, travelers, candidates, business partners, and industry peers. This inspires us to think bigger, act more fearlessly, improve constantly, and always remember – we are better together.


“The very act of travel opens the door to introducing you to a world that looks very different from your own. Tripadvisor is proud of its role over the last 20 years, helping to facilitate that global exchange and understanding for billions of travelers. Being a business that is dedicated to the tenets of equity, diversity, and inclusion helps Tripadvisor live up to one of its core values of being ‘better together.’ That commitment and focus is what makes our workplace, our product, and user experience more representative of the global community we serve.”

— Steve Kaufer, CEO, Tripadvisor

Better together

Our ED+I team is supported by champions from across the business: individuals dedicated to helping  tackle our strategic initiatives from all angles. Representing a number of regions, Business Units, and teams.  These groups give us important insight and counsel on industry/cultural trends and regional nuances ensuring that the work is relevant and impactful in all of our markets. 

Employee Resource Groups

At Tripadvisor, we empower all of our employees to bring their unique perspectives and experiences to the table — this is what drives us to think bigger and be better.

Through our Employee Resource Group program, we offer individuals a dedicated space to organize around shared experiences, identity, and interests. These groups create a sense of belonging through inclusive practices and programming that support personal, professional, and organizational growth.