​​​​​​​ We believe in mobilizing our people, expertise, resources, and community to tackle some of society's most pressing humanitarian challenges.

Our focus is on harnessing connection and information to inspire civic engagement and support resiliency in areas affected by disasters and displacement.

Since 2010, the Tripadvisor Foundation has invested more than $35 million in communities around the world.

Our Employees in Action

The TripGives mission is to inspire and enable our employees to be active global citizens by supporting the causes they care about in communities around the world.

In 2019, Tripadvisor and our employees contributed $1.5M and 6,000 volunteer hours to 2,300+ organizations around the world.

Every year, our global employees come together for TripGives Month.  It's a moment to unite around pressing local and global issues and lead community projects where they live and work.

Our TripGives Month initiatives are led by TripGives Month Ambassadors - employees who are trained to work with nonprofits so they can lead meaningful projects for their team members.


The Tripadvisor Foundation matches employees’ personal donations to eligible nonprofit organizations around the world, dollar for dollar, up to $5,000* per employee annually. Throughout the year there are many incentives offered to encourage and amplify giving, such as: double-match campaigns and rewards for employees to give to eligible organizations.   

Launched in June 2020, our Stand in Solidarity campaign led by the Black@Trip Employee Resource Group has raised over $170,000, including matching from the Tripadvisor Foundation. Donations went to the Equal Justice Initiative and The Bail Project Inc. Inc

*USD or local currency equivalent​​​​​​​

Employees at Tripadvisor are encouraged to volunteer in their local communities and virtually.  For every volunteer hour they track, they receive $15* (up to $1,000* per year) to give to the organization(s) of their choice.

Our Employee Resource Groups also lead many volunteer initiatives throughout the year for our emmployees to rally around social causes.

*USD or local currency equivalent
TripGives helps educate our employees on how to be civically engaged by providing information and resources on social issues, leading nonprofit organizations and actions they can take.